A large number of resins with different properties are available for testing and evaluation.

TEMIZ™ Separation resins are both available with small pore and large pores. 

Resins with small pores are optimized to retain small molecules such as phytochemicals, pesticides, aroma / fragrance molecules, pharmaceutically active compounds, natural color compounds, toxins and other similar molecules. Application areas for those resins are extracts from plants such as for phytomedicine, essential oils, biotechnological process solutions, like fermentations, and other natural complex process solutions that are aimed for analysis, food, beverages, health, cosmetics, pharma products or reference substances. 

Resins with larger pores are optimized for use with larger biomolecules, such as proteins, antibodies and similar biological large entities.

SABIT Solid phase support resins with large pores are aimed at solid phase synthesis of oligonucleotides such as DNA or RNA. It can be envisioned that rigid macroporous polymeric resins can find use in novel types of flow-through peptide synthesis. Also, large pore resins can be used as enzyme carriers for biotransformation applications.

Redstone Separations AB is a flexible and agile company and can quickly adapt to what is needed to solve todays problems in purification, analysis and synthesis. 

All resins are made in Sweden and the EU. 

We supply in g-scale, kg-scale and also in ton-scale.

Thorough characterization & Analysis

  • We conduct characterization and material analysis of the produced materials
  • Analytical evaluation via HPLC, UV-Spec etc
  • Particle characterization by microscopy, particle size distribution analysis, BET pore analysis
  • Various types of material characterization is conducted to ensure material properties