Polymeric chromatography materials

Redstone Separations develops novel polymeric chromatography materials both for high pressure analytical applications, but also for semi-prep and preparative applications with eg larger particles.

Current development portfolio has the following highly cross-linked polymeric resins in the pipeline:

  • DVB/Styrene reversed phase resins
  • Hydrophilic polymeric resins
  • Ion-Exchange resins: both strong and weak cation and anion exchangers
  • Particle sizes: 10 µm, 50 µm, 70-200 µm and industrial 200-1200 µm
  • Pore sizes:  100 Å, 300 Å, 500 Å, 1000 Å and >1000 Å (upon inquiry)

Stay tuned for first products or inquire for custom-made variants.

Example: Scanning electron microscope of 10 µm polymeric resin, porous DVB/Styrene, magnification at 25.000 x.