solid phase support materials

Redstone Separations develops novel polymeric supports for solid phase synthesis of oligonucleotides and peptides.

The highly cross-linked, large pore resins are aimed at implementation in oligonucleotide synthesis but could also be envisaged for use in peptide synthesis or for other molecules that benefit from a rigid bead structure.

Current development portfolio has the following highly cross-linked polymeric resins in the pipeline:

  • DVB/Styrene reversed phase resins
  • Functionality: NH2 or other
  • Particle sizes:  20-45 µm or 45-70 µm or 70-200 µm
  • Pore sizes:  500 Å to 1000 Å, also >1000 Å (upon inquiry)
  • Other properties: upon request

Example: Scanning electron microscope picture of the porous surface of a rigid, large pore resin 

  • Particle size: 100 µm 
  • Magnification 50.000 x
  • Pore size: approximately 500 – 1000 Å

Stay tuned for first products or inquire for custom-made variants.