temiz wtrCln

Temiz WtrCln (water-cleaner) is a novel resin with effective binding towards different types of organic compounds in water.

Typical properties of Temiz WtrCln resins are:

  • Surface: modified RP-type adsorbent
  • Porosity: mesoporous – optimal for small molecules
  • Cross-linking: high cross-linkage
  • Particle size: ca 200 – 1200 µm

The resin is a modified RP-type adsorbent with broad binding selectivity that retains a large variety of chemicals dissolved in aqeuous solutions. Compounds bind well in aqueous conditions and are easily desorbed using simple organic solvents, such as alcohols, acetone or similar. 

Applications are: 

1) removal of undesired organic contaminations in aqueous solutions

2) binding and retrieving organic compounds in aqueous solutions

3) upconcentration of bound compounds into a small volume of organic solvent, which can be further dried down to further increase concentrations.

Resins are available in gram and kg scale.

  • 10 g = 150 € 
  • 100 g = 900 €
  • 1 kg = 8.000 €

Larger quantities or resin in column can be provided. Pls inquire:

Email: info@redstone-sep.com 

Phone: +46-738-156-130  (Call times during CET: 8.00 – 18.00)