Redstone Separations AB develops and produces novel types of enzyme carriers (EC) for immobilization of biological catalysts. 

Our novel resin architecture technology allow for new material morphologies with improved enzyme retention and facilitated substrate / product diffusion. 

SABIT-EC Resins are macroporous resins with large pores that can harbour a large variety of enzymes and that allow easy access and release of starting compounds and products of the catalysis.

Typically EC resins have the following properties:

  • Polymeric backbone
  • Various chemical properties of the backbone can be adapted
  • Incorporation of chemical functionality for covalently anchoring enzymes
  • Pore size ranges: approx 500 Å, 1000 Å or 2000 Å
  • Particle size: 40-75 µm or 75-200 µm

A broad variety of EC materials can be designed and provided, also at large industrial scale. 

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