Redstone Separations AB develops solid phase synthesis resins for various types of supported step-wise chemical reactions and synthesis. The most prominent application area is the prepration of API peptides up to a certain length. 

Solid phase peptide support resins are polymeric materials with low levels of cross-linkage, which are the standard today for conventional solid phase peptide synthesis. As gel-type materials, these do not display distinct pore sizes but have certain swelling characteristics in various solvents.

Variables for SPPS resins

  • Backbone chemistry. standard: DVB/PS 
  • Functionality: benzylamine or other functionality 
  • X-link variations: low cross-linked (eg 0.5 %) to high (eg 50 %)
  • Variations of capacity from eg 0.1 mmol to 2 mmol/g (or more)
  • Particle size can be adjusted eg around 100-200 µm
  • Variations of back-bone resin chemistry
  • Other properties: upon request
Conventional benzylamine SPPS resin functionality


Redstone Separations employs proprietary synthetic resin architecture technologies in the resin production for novel or improved performance.

A broad variety of solid phase support materials can be designed and provided, also at large industrial scale. 

Stay tuned for first products in the near future.

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