Custom services offered

Custom Purification Services

  • Outsource your clean-up processing step to us to make use of our long experience in the field of preparative clean-up, eg by  fractionation chromatography or selective retention or absorbtion
  • A large number of separation materials available in-house to choose the most promising resins 
  • For purifications with higher selectivity demand: tailored resins can be provided. 

Column Packing Services

If your preferred chromatography resin is not available in your desired packed format, we can pack your specialized columns. 

We conduct various column packing procedures

  • HPLC: high-pressure fluid packing of small (down to ca 5 µm) in HPLC columns
  • FPLC: packing larger particles into low-pressure columns such as for bio-chromatography
  • SPE: packing of particles into SPE columns

Custom-made Resin Development


Redstone offers its expertise to develop and produce custom-made resins. 

Redstone can also provide customer resins as a toll-manufacturer.

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