Packing Services

column packing Services

Redstone Separations column packing Service 

  • Outsource your column packing step to us to make use of our long experience in the field of chromatography 
  • Formats of columns: analytical HPLC, small prep HPLC, biochromatography columns, affinity separation columns
  • Packing of other columns can be discussed
  • Fast turn-around time and competitive pricing
  • All work is conducted in Sweden


Steps of custom column packing

  1. Discussion of packing material, column material and dimensions
  2. Customer sends column packing materials / empty columns to Redstone Separations AB in Sweden
  3. Redstone packs columns according to internal procedures and/or according to customers procedure
  4. Packed columns can be pre-tested at Redstone Separations in standard HPLC
  5. When separation parameters are met, Redstone delivers packed column to customer

Contact us to discuss outsourcing your column packing needs.


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