Custom purifications

Redstone Separations Clean-up Service 

  • Outsource your clean-up processing step to us to make use of our long experience in the field of preparative clean-up, eg by  fractionation chromatography or selective retention or absorbtion
  • A large number of separation materials available in-house to choose the most promising resins 
  • For purifications with higher selectivity demand: tailored resins can be developed and provided. 

Support in challenging separation projects: 

With over 20 years of experience on the design and use of both standard and tailor-made separation materials we can help you to get to the next step of your separation tasks.

  • Separations of your sample into fractions
  • Processes to remove undesired components
  • Processes to enrich valuable target compounds

Redstone Separations AB has long experience in the field of resins and has a large number of TEMIZ™ resins available for evaluations. 

For your separation challenge we can identify, optimize or design the best suitable resin for your purification project. 

We will support you in the various steps:

Evaluation phase:

  • Evaluation of your separation project and ways forward
  • Identification / Design of best separation materials
  • Work out the best separation process 
  • Separations can be evaluated in a column  or in suspension

Scale-up phase:

  • Consultations on the separation process
  • Consultations on the process equipment 
  • Support for transfer to industrial scale 

Contact us so that we can support you in your separation project: 

Principle of fractionation:

A mixture of compounds can be separated (into its components) by the use of chromatography

  1. Choose appropriate resin / separation material + column geometry
  2. Load mixture on column
  3. Elute with solvents / salts / additives to desorb the various compounds
  4. Collect eluted compounds in separate containers; clean / regenerate column
  5. Fractions (BlueRedGreenGrey) available in separate containers

Principle of selective separation:

A target compound can be selectively removed from a mixture of compounds by the use of a selective separation material

  1. Choose appropriate resin / separation material + column geometry
  2. Load mixture on column
  3. Let the majority of compounds pass without retention
  4. Elute the bound compound(s) in a separate container; clean / regenerate  column
  5. “Cleaned” fraction (Pink) and target compound (Brown) isolated into separate containers

custom purification service

Steps of custom purification project

1. Customer sends process solution/material to be purified to Redstone Separations AB in Sweden
2. Redstone conducts small-scale purification studies
3. Outcome of the initial purification study is discussed with customer
4. If the process parameters are met, the purification is conducted at larger scale at Redstone
5. Redstone delivers purified compound back to the customer
Contact us to discuss outsourcing your separations project.


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