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2024-01-26: New Product Launch

Redstone Separations announces its newest product launch:

Temiz™ HLB-SPE resins

This SPE product is another milestone in the companys product development offerings. The material is in the size range  around 50 µm and optimized for use in SPE columns, well plates or the like. 

With its surface chemistry composition of hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups it is the standard work horse for a large number of applications in SPE-LCMS/MS.

The product can be provided as bulk  material in various g or kg quantities. If desired,  Redstone Separations can custom pack into SPE columns or other formats.

2023-12-07: New Product Launch

Redstone Separations announces its newest product launch:

Temiz™ Polar RP resins

As most polymeric adsorbents and ion exchangers on the market are optimized for use in water and aqueous solutions, we have developed a range of highly rigid adsorbents that are optimized to also operate well in non-aqueous solutions. These adsorbents are modified with polar surface groups and currently there are at least 5 surface chemistry groups available, giving novel selectivities that are unique on the market. 

More variants of polar surface modifications are on the way for a wider variety of selectivities. Just ask us whats on way or whats possible.

Who can benefit from this new resin kitindustries processing natural oils such as essential oils, hemp oil and food oils, supercritical CO2 and also organic chemists using hydrophobic solvents including lipids / lipidomics researchers .

New tools enable new exciting possibilities for science and technology! 

2023-11-10: New Product Launch

Redstone Separations announces its newest product launch:

Temiz™ WtrCln –  Water Cleaner

Pharmaceuticals and other unwanted residues are contaminating our drinking waters and our environment. To combat that looming threat, Redstone has developed a powerful new resin that can retain a large number of organic compounds from water. We have shown a few model examples, but the novel adsorbent is capable of efficiently retaining all kinds of molecules from water solutions. This may be a valuable filter device for municipal or private water clean-up. 

Also for chemists in the laboratory, who want to retain compounds dissolved in aqueous solutions can use this product to bind (and elute) their target compound. 

Common compounds that may contaminate our drinking or environmental waters and could negatively impact our health. 

Top left: Bisphenol A (a residue from plastics such as can coatings), Bottem left: Estrone (an example of a female hormone). Right: Propranolol (a common blood pressure lowering medicine)

2023-11-09: New Product Launch

Redstone Separations announces its newest product launch:

Temiz™ ChlRem – Chlorophyll Remover

This novel adsorbent type resin can reduce chlorophyll levels by 85 % rendering ethanolic plant extract much less colored. This will be beneficial for refining ethanolic plant extracts as low color is strongly preferred for ingredients. Also for analytical applications, this new resin may help reduce pigment levels of plant extracts prior to analysis in sensitive analytical instrumentations.

Clear reduction of plant pigments from dried parsley extracts. 

2023-09-22: EBAT, 5th Eurasia Biochemical Approaches & Technologies Congress  

Redstone Separations is presenting at this year’s EBAT congress.

A fantastic opportunity to discuss protein purification using our novel resins while enjoying the lovely Mediterranean. Looking forward to meeting you in Antalya, Türkiye 2-5th November 2023.

EBAT Congress homepage

2022-11-29:  ProUpSide Step 2: Optimization and scale-up of agro-industrial side stream purification.

We are happy to announce that the Swedish Funding Agency Vinnova is supporting another of our joint projects together with SLU Alnarp.

After our first project ProUpSide Step 1, where we could strongly reduce toxic compounds from potato fruit juice with novel resins, the continuation of this success story goes on. 

Read more about ProUpSide 2 at Vinnova

2021-11-04:  ProUpSide Step 1: Evaluation of novel resins for protein upgrading in agroindustrial side streams

We are happy to announce that the Swedish Funding Agency Vinnova is supporting our joint project together with SLU Alnarp.

The project resulted in improved potato protein concentrates from side streams of commercial potato starch production, with considerably lower levels of compounds that cause health concerns. These reductions were accomplished in a lab scale process mimicking current commercial production. 

Read more about ProUpSide 1 at Vinnova

2021-05-11:  Sten K Johnsons Stifelse

We are very glad to announce that Sten K Jonsons Stiftelse is supporting our project “Novel high performance support materials for oligonucleotide synthesis”. 

This generous support will allow us to contribute to this growing and important technology area that is expected to have a strong implication on the health and diagnostic sector. 

Link to Sten K Johnsons site