rigid resins for non-aqueous applications
Temiz Polar RP Resins

The majority of resins, adsorbents, ion-exchangers currently on the market are optimized for use in aqeuous matrices, ie water and water-rich solutions. 

However, no satisfactory resins are offered that retain their physical morphology in hydrophobic solvents. Conventional resins with their low cross-linkage suffer either collapse or non-compatibility in eg organic solvents, oils, etc.

Redstone has developed a set of highly rigid resins for use in non-aqueous solutions such as organic solvents, complex extracts, supercritical CO2, essential and natural oils and other hydrophobic matrices. These new resins are unique and offer performance and functionality in hydrophobic environments where conventional resins do not perform. The different resins offer a good variation of different surface chemistries and thus different selectivities.

Examples of potential application:

  • Removal of unwanted contaminants
  • Retrieval of valuable compounds
  • Fractionation of complex mixtures
  • Solid Phase Extraction after Liquid-Liquid Extraction
  • Work-up / Clean-up of organic synthetic reactions

Examples of areas of use:

  • Synthetic organic chemistry
  • Lipid production
  • Lipidomics
  • Food oils
  • Essential oils
  • Hemp oils

Typical properties of novel rigid resins are:

  • Porosity: mesoporous – optimized for small molecules
  • Cross-linking: high cross-linkage – high stability in organic solvents
  • Particle size: ca 200 – 1200 µm – optimal for industrial use, fast sedimentation in suspension

Surface chemistry: 

These novel rigid polar RP resins have a DVB/Styrene backbone and are available with several types of additional surface chemistries to allow tuning of selectivity for the target separation:

  • DVB/Sty + Amide
  • DVB/Sty + Hydroxy
  • DVB/Sty + Nitrile
  • DVB/Sty + Methyl ester
  • DVB/Sty + …
  • more chemistries are or will be available – just ask
Example of rigid resin: polar RP, DVB/Sty + Me ester

A kit is available to evaluate polar RP resins: 

5 resins á 1 g = 400 €

Order at: order@redstone-sep.com 

Larger quantities or resin in column can be provided. 

Pls inquire for more information:

Email: info@redstone-sep.com 

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